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Trump Exc order on Bump
  and so... it continues 

  Dodgy                  90days to turn them in
   [Image: giphy.gif]                

It's no big deal, they're just a novelty anyways, same with mags over 5 rounds.
Dodgy      Pow... right in the "Pre-86 auto sears"
[Image: source.gif]
Today only - EE special on pre-ban rubberbands, tactical strength in FDE $99.99 shipped!
    Has he signed it yet?

If mulehead indicts his son for not knowing the color of socks he wore to the set up meeting with “the Russians” he will probably forget about the bump stock EO or be too occupied burning down DOJ and DOS to care.  Then after he and pence are keel hauled out of kangaroo court for collusion and obstruction, we can keep or bump stock so until President Pelosi bans them.  At least we will still have Our true conservatives values that nobody gives a shit about
Let them have their bump stock ban. At least then they can say they "did something."

If anyone really wants to use a bump stock they can just use their own thumb anyway.

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