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there are always ways to change the color of the wood
Of course, if you are building a home for those who cannot make up their minds, and the color of the walnut garden shutters is not “just right” from the beginning, there are always ways to change the color of the wood, such as: dyeing, bleach Disturbing, or with shiny finishes. The best thing about customizing a house with walnut garden shutters is that they can be of any shape or size. That said, you don't have to worry about your unique window shape will have to be left blank.
Custom Shaped Blinds: Rake Blinds
Adding triangular windows near the ceiling increases the amount of light that flows into the room during the day. This is often the inspiration behind this unique window choice. If you don't want light pouring in at any time of the day, Goodwood's custom-built triangular window shutters are an excellent choice. Harrowing blinds is indeed an amazing solution for your corner top window (or triangular window).
Custom shutters enhance the design of any room because they look more like an architectural element than a window treatment. The advantage of our rake shutters is that the shutters are functional, which means they can be opened slightly, fully opened, or fully closed. Just like any of our plantation shutters, we add a lot of pride and joy to the custom creation of our rake shutters. The wood is carefully crafted from real hardwood and fits perfectly into your windows, regardless of shape and size.
So, if you move into a home you like very much, but you don't like the exposed triangular window, we are happy to help. We know that not every window design is simple, but this does not mean that there are no cute design elements to help you control the light. Because goodwood® custom-shaped rake blinds are both beautiful and practical, we can decorate your windows to create a classic and timeless style that you will never forget.

Can the Plantation shutters withstand the steam from the bathroom?
As a home builder, you have the right to decide which design elements look best in certain parts of the home. You may have considered plantation shutters for bathroom window treatments, but stopped to ask if real wood would work. If you find yourself in trouble, we'll purify the air and explain why the shutter design at Goodwood Plantation will do a great job in the bathroom.
You may be worried that real wood is a challenging job because the steam generates in the bathroom. Our designers have considered the craftsmanship required to make a plantation shutter, which is sized to suit bathrooms and other environments. More specifically, the fence inside our plantation shutters is 1/4 inch thick. 100% hardwood construction makes our stilts very strong and very resistant to warping.
Many of our customers choose to place plantation shutters in their bathrooms for an elegant, retro feel. The shutters in the bathroom are a bit shabby and chic. Many homeowners like to lie in the bathtub and let the light flow in gently while keeping peeping.
As a home builder, putting every detail in the right place can also be exciting and tense. You have to get everything ready, from crown trims to floor plates and even window trims. When you know you made the right decision, these last touches will make your project feel complete. We hope you will find our shutters to be the right choice for your next project.
There are many important reasons to choose plantation shutters over curtains or mini shutters. In the first part of this series, we discussed 4 of these reasons. In addition to Goodwood's obsession with the perfection of every handmade shutter, we have a few more compelling reasons to consider plantation shutters in your next window treatment design.
How would you like a swift kick in the nuts?
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