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Which Buccaneer Would You Want On The Jets?
Last week, we asked which Bill you would on the Jets, and the answer was Tre’Davious White. With the Buccaneers coming up this Sunday, the question is, which Buc would you most want in New York?For me, it would have to be their franchise quarterback. Ryan Fitzpatrick. He a savvy, gritty veteran who knows how the run the offense and makes smart decisions with the football. He did go to Harvard, anyway, and the guys rally around him.Alright, kidding aside, my final choice would have to be Mike Evans. He a legit 1 receiver who takes so much pressure off of the rest of the offense htps://www.thejetsfanshop.cum/311-Ian_Berryman_Jersey, and would compliment speed receivers like Robby Anderson well. Evans collected 27 touchdowns and three 1000 yard seasons with Mike Glennon and a young Jameis Winston, and will only be 25 at the start of next year. Anderson has made great strides while Quincy Enunwa has intriguing talent Mark Gastineau Jersey, but are you confident either is a legit 1 just yet? Evans would make that array of weapons dangerous.I not too high on Jameis Winston right now. After throwing 33 picks his first two years, the Bucs gave Winston a lot to play with on offense. He got Evans htps://www.thejetsfanshop.cum/301-Ahmad_Gooden_Jersey, DeSean Jackson, O.J. Howard, and Cameron Brate. Yet, he and the team have regressed this year. Recently, Winston maturity issues have come into question a bit once again. Beyond the title of being a 1 pick, he got obvious talent that he has actually shown in the NFL, but this season has raised questions of whether he is capable of fulfilling his highest potential.Following them, my next choice would be tight end O.J. Howard. Howard was a popular choice mocked to the Jets this year. The soon to be 23 year old rookie has caught 14 passes for 227 yards and 3 touchdowns, a highly efficient 10.3 yards per target. Defensively, it a tough choice from a struggling unit. Cornerback Vernon Hargreaves was a first round pick, but has struggled a bit in his early career. Gerald McCoy is a very good player, but the Jets are already crowded on the defensive line and hel be 30 to start next season. Lavonte David would probably be my choice. He a playmaking linebacker who could potentially be an upgrade for the Jets, though Darron Lee and Demario Davis have both made really drastic positive strides as the season has progressed.
i think we should send all of the bucs to the jets (assuming that's not in florida). #yaysportsball
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